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Blu project management consultancy

Blu consultancy specialises in sports facilities to maximise profitability through its proven systems and processes.

We can offer this as a license to utilise the strong Blu Health and Rackets Brand or we offer one off consultancy fee.

  • Reception area on entry
  • Marketing
  • Computer systems to maximise returns and simple to use
  • How to develop and manage in-house competition
  • Deadlines to be met
  • How to build a strong network of customers / clients
  • Where your profits are and how to extract them
  • Quotes for upgrades that are needed to maximise profitability
  • Training and Education for the implementation of Blu Systems and Procedures

Mining and Remote Access Recreation Facilities

  • Centre Management Systems and Processes to establish and operate the facility
  • Customised training programs for all employees
  • Provide training and fitness programs that met company and national OH&S / WHS standards
  • Assist with the promotion of healthy lifestyles and fitness for those based in the surrounding areas by providing structured physical fitness options
  • Facility design and renovation strategies and implementation

Blu Offers Local Councils

  • Refurbishment of courts
  • Offer systems and policies to manage and operate the centre and maximise profits through the club
  • Train and Educate centre staff to create strong customer and client networks
  • Promote squash fitness to the community
  • Provide In-house competitions of all levels and abilities
  • Support the squash club to enable them run a efficient facility